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  • 13Oct

    A few months ago, I made a huge list of usernames and passwords which you can use for accessing your router's settings page. It currently knows over 1000 models, so you have a good chance of easily finding out your own router's credentials. This list is extremely useful to people who have lost their manual or don't feel like skimming through 500 pages just to find a single password.

    If the login information you found doesn't work, just reset the router's settings to the factory default, but this will also delete your internet connection settings, so carefully back everything up before you press the reset button.

    The list can be found here:
    You can either view it online:
    Or download it to your computer as an excel document:

    All data was collected by, I just made it look prettier and load 1 472% faster (That is 14 times better!). The original dpl.html file was structured so badly, it caused my browser to freeze for approximately 20 seconds and it was really hard to do searches within the page. This new version I created will only take half a second and is easily searchable (Just press CTRL+F).

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