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  • 17Oct

    In order to become affiliates with 3ICE.HU, please review these instructions:

    1 Make sure your site meets the following three requirements:

    • Is it related to Warcraft? (Or does it offer content similar to what my website does?)
    • Does it have enough traffic? (Measured in unique visitors per month) Our stats should be close to each other, or the affiliate linking becomes unfair. For example if your site has 50,000 unique visitors every month you are probably not going to benefit too much from my 3000. Or if you just launched your site and are crawling at 20 views/mo I might not be interested in becoming your affiliate, because I would get close to no traffic in return.

    2 You need to have an Affiliate Icon, following these two specifications:

    • Format must be either: gif, jpg or png.
    • Dimensions must be exactly 88px by 31px.

    3 You need to place one of the the following three codes on your website prior to contacting me:

    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>
    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>
    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

    After you (1) made sure your site meets the requirements, (2) created an affiliate icon and (3) placed the required code on your site, please add a comment to this post with a link to your website (and if you want me to contact you by email, leave your email address). I will then review your site and get back to you with a yes or a no. (Email, post on your forum/blog, filling out a feedback form on your site or if all methods fail I will reply to your comment here)

    Affiliate When two sites agree to link to each other, they become affiliates. The affiliate link is a bidirectional gateway between the two sites and traffic (visitors) can flow through these gateways, benefiting both sites. Site1 sends its visitors to site2 and site2 sends its visitors to site1. Neither of the sites lose traffic and both gain a lot of new interested guests who might end up joining. This is free advertising.



    Alternatively, if your would prefer a non-animated image, you can use affiliate4.gif

    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>



    Posted by 3ICE @ 10:27 pm

3 Responses

  • marp Says:

    hey dude, keen to swap affiliate buttons or banners. check my site out and shoot me an email, cheers.

    Edited by 3ICE: Discussed via email.

  • Thurst4blood Says:


  • Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai Says:

    An affiliate link has been removed recently as the domain died sometime last year and was not renewed, sadly:
    <!-- <a href=""><img src="" alt="dotalyzer"/></a> -->

    Dotalyzer was a quick and simple listing of item and skill builds for your favorite dota heroes. Over 550+ builds, ranked by users. (Vote your favorite, or add your own! -DOTALYZER-)

    We've been partners since early 2009 - so almost a whole decade. Original email conversation:

    Subject: Re: Affiliate

    From: Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai <>
    Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 12:23 AM

    Dear Marp,

    Your website looks great. Unique idea and beautiful design. (And I like your banners too!)

    Please send me an 88×31px icon and we'll be affiliates.
    (My icon is at, feel free to hotlink it or host a copy on your server, either way is fine with me.)



    Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 6:32 AM
    To: Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai <>

    Hey dude, thanks for the kind words :)

    You can grab my icon here. Please make it a link to

    You can see I've added your icon to :)

    Out of interest, do you make any cash from the advertising on your site? I've been thinking about it, but my site doesn't cost much to run anwyay.


    From: Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai <>
    Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 10:43 AM

    Hi marp,

    I've added your icon today:

    Yes, I [REDACTED].
    Tax is very high (20%) in Hungary, so I will only get 80$ instead of 100$. Though one 80$ payout would cover my bills for a year. :)
    However most of the ads are "buy wow gold" so I can't expect many people to click on them.

    I'm in the process of rewriting my entire site, but it's going very slow. This is my first big project; writing a CMS from scratch. I will not forget re-adding your affiliate icon to the new version.


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