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  • lol Says:

    thx, I always wanted to know about this trick!

  • Martin C Says:

    thanks men!!

  • Zach Says:

    I'm assuming this is only for TFT? If not, I can't find it in a RoC editor.

  • 3ICE Says:

    Yep, TFT only. There is no reason to make maps in RoC unless you are really good. You have to support Blizzard by buying TFT. If they have a lot of sales they will make Warcraft IV faster.

  • Mike Says:

    Warcraft 4?!!?!

  • 3ICE Says:

    Yeah, Warcraft 4.

    Some people think it will not be possible to continue Warcraft 3 because of WoW, but I disagree with that. Blizzard will make a Warcraft IV.

  • Evan F Says:

    warcraft has always been 1 (actually more) step(s) ahead of world of warcraft so yeah, i agree with that too.

  • mathias Says:

    you guys says that it only can be used in TFT but it's used in HerolineWars RoC so how is that possible?

  • 3ICE Says:

    TFT maps with TFT features in them can be converted to RoC. :) There is no reason to do that though.

  • mathias Says:

    ok thx and i have another question. on battlenet i played fastest map possible with u. how do you make food cap over 90?

  • mathias Says:

    nvm i know now

  • Vktory Says:

    Yeah, Blizzard will release Warcraft IV in 2016, following on from WoW.

  • 3ICE Says:

    That's just speculation though -.-
    Still, it'd be cool.

  • Izbored Says:

    While I thank you for as this was entirely helpful, I must respectfully disagree. Subsequently, I must also slap some sense into you. Here's why:
    Warcraft III's storyline was clearly continued in World of Warcraft, and as an MMO, making another Warcraft game like the originals (however fun) would be pointless. Going from the more detailed graphics, back to less-detailed, unimpressive graphics would stop some die-hard gamers from playing, and then, there's the storyline… How can you add to a storyline that changes hundreds of times, due to the updates of patches from WoW. While, implementing patches for online play in Warcraft is possible, I think changing the entire game, just to continue the storyline would cost them more than they'd be willing to pay, which could stop the Warcraft series altogether. (Probably not books, or comics however.)
    Well, that's my 2 cents worth…

    Edited by 3ICE: Replaced "bitch slap" with "slap".

  • warcraft Says:

    Wow I didn't now this is even possible, this is pretty cool. Now playing the old Warcraft 3 will be fun again :P Is there any way to add your own custom heroes?

    Edited by 3ICE: Removed website.

  • 3ICE Says:

    Yes, of course! Check out DotA. Has over 103 custom heroes.

    p.s.: I have removed the advertisement that came with your innocent-looking question. Nice try!

  • Sgt.Pierce! Says:

    Thanks! Now i can make my edited heroes to lvl.35!

  • 3ICE Says:

    Awesome :)

    If you need any help from professional map makers, give us a shot:

    Post your map or question in the World Editor section. (Either in Map Vault or HELP)

  • Loopsnhoops Says:

    How does your Zombies map make your characters go past their cap? Was that imported from tFT? Also Andy's Antispam is kinda lame.

  • 3ICE Says:

    Do I have a Zombies map?

    Yes, TFT maps can (with some conditions) be converted to RoC.

    Andy's antispam is very useful, it successfully stops automated spambots from commenting. Did it stop you from posting? Did you lose what you typed? Hitting the back button in your browser should preserve the text, I have tested it in every major browser.

  • Rian Says:

    Huh,i will wait till 10 years again if there's warcraft 4!i hate all blizzard productions excepts Warcraft 1,2,3.and if there's 4 i will download

  • 3ICE Says:

    SC2 is good too.

    Region lock is a bitch though… All my friends are on US East…

  • Wuebari Says:

    Hi, only one question..
    How can i put over lvl 10 in a RoC map? . I have TFT editor . I tried in game constants but the file change to W3x.
    Thanks you a lot :D

  • 3ICE Says:


    Export war3mapMisc.txt from the w3x and then reset the max hero level to 10 and save. Your map will be RoC-compatible again.
    Finally import war3mapMisc.txt into the w3m with an MPQ editor and then protect the map.
    Only do this before release, because every time the map is saved with war3mapMisc.txt present, the editor automatically converts it back to TFT. (Or removes war3mapMisc.txt and with that your max hero level, if war3mapMisc.txt isn't on the import list.)

    Please put a little more effort into proofreading your comment next time.


  • Riley Says:

    So I was playing around on map editor and realized I can't t** ur m*** p**** hard enough

  • 3ICE Says:

    That's very interesting Riley. But why would a girl want to do that?

  • Pyrebs Says:

    Do you know how you can make filesizes go over the limit of 8 mb?
    trying to make a map but I cant figure out how…
    I've seen it done before, so i know its possible.

  • Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai Says:

    To make it playable in multiplayer?
    Modified game.dll does the trick.
    Every player needs to have it, not just the host.
    Doesn't let you connect to battle net, so use VPN.

  • Anonymous Says:

    thnx,great tips…..

  • Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai Says:


  • Warcraft_fan Says:

    Hi thx for the tips it really helped me. But I wanna know how to still pass the lvl 10 hero cap but only for me not the other bots. For example I want my heroes to reach above lvl 10 but I want my enemies' heroes to stay lvl 10 and below. Thx

  • Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai Says:

    Bots? You wrote bot. Are you trying to cheat here?
    Or is this a legitimate map making question? I'm assuming it's legit.
    There is only one "max hero level constant". But you can restrict others from gaining experience beyond a certain level.
    Event: A hero levels up
    Condition: Hero level of (triggering unit) is 10.
    Action: Set xp gain multiplier for player (Owner of (triggering unit)) to 0%.
    This turns off levels beyond 10 for a player that reaches level 10 with a hero. Make sure you don't turn it off for yourself by adding another condition to the trigger. One that excludes yourself from the check. For example Player 1 (red) is not equal to Owner of (triggering unit)

  • Dave Says:

    hellow i was just wandering how to get past the food limit?

  • Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai Says:

    Same place as hero level, in the gameplay constants. Scroll down to "Food Limit" and change it to 999. The list is alphabetical and there is no category in front of Food Limit. No Gameplay, Hero, Techtree, Upkeep, or anything in front. It's just "Food Limit", right above all the items starting with letter G. (Gameplay - *)
    Trivia: 300 food used to be the hardcoded max. If you wanted to go beyond that, you needed to set units' food costs to 0 in the editor. One by one.
    Now that it's 999 we can go crazy:

  • Dave Says:


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