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  • 31Oct

    I keep bumping into this site: on my google results (on programming).

    They want me to pay for information provided by the so called "experts" who are actually just other users of the site. So I did what I like doing best…

    (Click image for 100%) (See expert-exchange-owned-full.jpg for wholepage version)

    There are many ways you can "extract" their hidden information:

    • See Google's cache of the page you want to read. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
    • Change your browser's user agent string to "Googlebot/2.1". (help)
    • Double-translate the page in question. Example: Translate the page from English to French using Google translator, then translate the resulting unhidden solution back from French to English.
    • You can find more advanced ways, like faking the registration and payment, stealing someone else's login, using a somewhat hidden free registration (here), etc…

    Update: They keep changing their cloaking methods, right now you will not be able to unhide solutions through doubletranslating.

    Posted by 3ICE @ 1:34 am

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